Fayette Art Museum - Providing one of lifes extras since 1969
WELCOME to the Fayette Art Museum!
We hope you will come to visit and learn more about us. The Museum is located in northwest Alabama, one hour north of Tuscaloosa, Alabama  and one hour east of Columbus, Mississippi.  We are focused on promoting and preserving its permanent collection, artists and their talents and art .

We hope to see you visiting our section of the state!

Upcoming Events:  
**Fayette County Bicentennial Celebration, 
Saturday, April 27 at 7:00 Pm Featuring  CPlus on the Fayette County Courthouse Lawn.  Come early to enjoy dinner downtown, the Birthday refreshments made by the local 4-H groups, and then set up your lawn chairs to enjoy a birthday evening listening to a FREE concert!  Sponsored by the Alabama Bicentennial Commission, City of Fayette, Fayette County Commission and the Fayette County Bicentennial Committee. For more information call (205)932-8727 or email us fayetteartmuseum@yahoo.com!


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